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A-line chiffon bridesmaid dress

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It is not only the bride and groom are busy,but also bridesmaid is busy too, busy selecting for their dress. If you are a bridesmaid,then how to choose the bridesmaid dress. As a bridesmaid, your image not only to your own ascension charm, more important is related to the bride ‘s face, but can not wear more beautiful than the bride, not suspected of distracting, so how to choose bridesmaids dress. Blue dress is universal with clothing, and many women like romantic design and has a feminine chiffon, aesthetic and elegant feel, make it difficult to gaze away from your body, it’s also the most common choice of many bridesmaids dress colour.

If you don’t want to lead to steal the show in the important day, then the details are classical but not drilling dress is most appropriate.This a-line chiffon bridesmaid dress accents a sexy style with strapless neckline and mini length skirt. This strapless chiffon a-line bridesmaid gown features a dipped neckline and a form-fitted bodice with interwoven pleats. This floor length bridesmaid dress gown is a great choice for you!  Don’t hesitate to purchase it.

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Wedding dress is designed for women merely

Wedding dress is designed for women merely. It is not just a magnificent gown, but the witness of love and commitment. Many girls have been falling in love with off-the-shoulder wedding gowns which are a little conservative, a little sex appeal and a bit of mystery. Bare shoulders have been written into the fashion aesthetic category as early as before and after the French Revolution. Therefore, it is not the patent of modern fashion. Shoulders are women’s attractive place. Exposing sweet shoulders can let people move unceasingly. On the important wedding day, as a bride, showing the beauty of your shoulders boldly, become the focus of attention.




It seemed that this style of off-the-shoulder wedding apparel is very fashionable and trendy.  The collocation of a little sex appeal and fold skirt is quite matched. Clipping of off-the-shoulder neckline let the bright and clean skin micro exhibition. The line of shoulder is also round and smooth, just like melodious melody. Appliques’ decorations are also delicate and exquisite which can improve temperament. Beyond that, the contracted and modern design will add to the magical beauty of the dress. Opt an off-the-shoulder wedding dress to shows that you’re not only graceful and morbidezza, but also sexy and lovely.


All kinds of amorous feelings are condensed into one style of off-the-shoulder bridal gown. An off-the-shoulder bridal garment must be a worthy choice for a bride-to-be. Without doubt, there is more than one style available for you to pick. But there will be one that fits your figures and personality best. Here comes latest styles of off-the-shoulder wedding apparels. Come and find your dress for the holy and special wedding day. Obtain the dress, get the wonderful moment of your lifetime.

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skills of keeping the wedding dress

Marriage gauze in after the wedding, it should carefully hide it in the tank bottom, save for a lifetime.
However, if you easily bring it to the care of the streets of the small, may regret a lifetime–because a wedding dress, maintenance and other precious wedding dress  are very different. But as long as the master a few tricks, yourself clean, save marriage gauze is not difficult.
First of all, when buy, can ask this kind of marriage gauze is what material, subsidiary of beads, small flash of what exquisite, in general, the owner will say all I know, can.
Wash the marriage gauze, wet cleaning is the key, because the marriage gauze of small ornament on, for example, beaded frills, can’t afford to dry cleaning of chemical erosion, the best way is to put marriage gauze with mild in neutral detergent, water, soak for a while, this can clean off the red wine, HunYou feast and other stains left behind, much bubble in a short while, even invisible besmirch such as sweat be soiled, white wine stains can also eliminate.
Marriage gauze washed, through the air, can collect up, should be stored in a cool and dry place, such as the closet or even under the bed. Remember, don’t put the marriage gauze hang up, because, prolong his days, wedding will produce the vertical force, the skirt a tear even body.
There are two small problem: you mention a collection is before the simple  wedding dress be sure to wash your hands, 10 million don’t stick on cosmetics, otherwise the time on a long, wedding there will be little macular; Also, the big inside marriage gauze skirt hoop to turn up to collect, but every year make clothing, will restore hoop skirt, lest it lose flexibility.
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which dress should bridesmaid wear

strapless empire waist column style bridesmaid dress
The bride will be a night for many sets of clothing. Bridesmaids do not need. Wedding day, in general, bridesmaids helping the bride to do a lot of close girl to do before, such as carefully skirt like trivia … I do when the sisters bridesmaid dress is knee-election.
1. The color is not white, can be pink, blue, purple, like elegant color.
2 high heels, of course no problem, but it is best not higher than the bride, but also more convenient to walk.
3 If the ceremony is outdoors, wooden bar is laying the ground up, then high heels heel not too small, so that leg to stand on to take care of the bride.
Depends on the wedding itself.
1, bridesmaid dress colors
The wedding itself is very formal, grand? If the wedding itself is formal, then there will be corresponding main floral wedding theme or colors, it is best to select a theme bridesmaid dress in the color with the color, or the bride with a floral bouquet in that color. This decision is the most orthodox traditional bridesmaid dress color, but this attention to the general bride, bridesmaid or planner will be prepared directly served.
If the bride with no special requirements, avoid white. Some other elegant colors would be more appropriate, such as champagne, light blue, lavender, light pink, flesh pink, light gold. In addition, the domestic wedding colors are generally conservative, too bright and would be more abrupt, yellow, now pink, now blue, now purple, orange ~
2, style
Knee length and knee or just more appropriate dress is too eye-catching balls, generally not. Shoulder, Bra, suspenders, shoulder can be. Designed to be simple is better, what the leaves do not lace ah ah, too steal the spotlight. Also cover the chest to avoid Bra.
3, shoes
Low-heeled, in with, easy to walk around wearing comfortable bridesmaid dresses  to match the color with like. Taking into account the bridesmaid’s duties, must not be too high with ~
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how to choose the bridesmaid shoes

pink chiffon bridesmaid dress
Bridesmaid dresses with high heels is no better, because when you increase the body height, everything will be better improved. Increase your weight is highly fragmented, and your posture becomes more beautiful, so you look even more slender.
1 If you choose to wear thin with low or flat heels, preferably pointed or some modification to fill the lack of heel.
2 If you can not find matched with dress shoes, consider a metal shiny shoes.
3. Like pink, coral, orange, and warm colors such as cream-colored dress with the best gold, bronze, copper or red, light green.
4 purple, blue, gray, and white bridesmaid  dress with cool colors such as silver will shine with. Tip: buy bridesmaid shoes, the best to wear every day at home about half an hour. Because the new shoes may be uncomfortable to wear, need to slowly get used to.
This will not affect the bridesmaid in the wedding day stress of busy, but also can make new shoes more comfortable fit. What to wear bridesmaid dress: Indoor wedding: the bride’s wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses in the style should be similar. If the bride wore a wedding day formal dress with a long tail, the proposed vertical floor bridesmaids can wear a long bridesmaid  dress style, and with the appropriate headgear and gloves.
If the bride wore a simple style of wedding, bridesmaid’s costume design must not be complicated, color to be uniform. Outdoor wedding: Bridesmaid dress color and pay attention to the bride wearing apparel coordination, usually wear knee-high dress, the color purple, light green and other light-based.
Tip: Be sure to pay special attention to the back of the dress is beautiful, because in the celebration when the bridesmaids will be a long time back to the guests.
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to be a perfect beautiful bridesmaid

inexpensive green chiffon bridesmaid dress
A seductive bridesmaid team can not only enhance the bride of the gas field, but also easier to create a wedding atmosphere. Marriage wedding last year when version of the summary, it introduced more than 20 bridesmaids a grand wedding. From the bridesmaid’s clothes to hairstyle, wedding accessories, in fact, has a lot of doorways.
1 dress and wedding theme color to the color matching the color of bridesmaid dress and wedding theme is the best color is the same color, can be a little lighter. If there is no wedding theme color, then the first choice of champagne bridesmaid, is definitely not wrong color. Hanged Rose, flash gold and other bright colors, because it would undermine not only elegant, romantic atmosphere, but also easy to grab the bride’s thunder.
2. Bridesmaids were the same between models of different colors or different models of the same color should not be less than desirable number of bridesmaids, bride and bridesmaids too little prone to feel alone.
3.To create a visual harmony bridesmaid team clothing is best to unify, or prone to chaotic feeling, you can follow three principles: the best bridesmaid  dress style is not the same fabric and color uniform; color is not uniform dress, the most Fortunately, a unified style; or simply let their bridesmaids wear the exact same dress.
4. Bridesmaids package essential makeup products: such as oil-absorbing paper, tissues, lipstick, false eyelashes and other brides-specific cosmetics. Also, you can prepare a perfume sample, except one day sweat. Mirror: mirror allows you to always maintain a good image. Hair clip: the veil fall, fall flower head … These conditions often occur, re-use the old hairpin is not strong, so bring one. Other: comb, hangover medicine, band-aid, napkins, etc. In addition, in the summer, flowers, easy to stick, and then bring some of the best shape of the bride with flowers, to prepare for contingencies.
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lace dresses add the color of the wedding

a line v-neck straps lace wedding dress
Lace was born, but two hundred years, but it is really exotic, and most used in the lace wedding dress on top, late 19th early 20th century Shanghai Xujiahui area was once an important regional lace processing, it is not difficult to imagine, when the trend of the pioneers are encrusted lace wedding scene.
In addition, in other areas of wedding dress  accessories, lace most of the supporting role of identity, until the 20th century, the shock wave clairvoyant outfit, will lace push to the forefront of the T station.
The baptism of the sun and the sea, indeed to make a more brilliant blooming artistic life, this baptism also affect Shenzhen  wedding dress, their happiness and vitality into the sun, take a more rustic warmth of color and texture, but both eye-catching and points publicity, giving in a practical sense.
Outer and inner yarn simple design, simple, revealed a fine drawing, space geometry looked so simple, but it is difficult to explain with language. Inspiration from biological and natural form, but the cut is implied a strict formula, calculation, will be the perfect combination of art and technology.